Riding a dark breed of disjointed rock, Tereu Tereu hangs with classic '90s vibes, arty post-punk, and modern pop hooks. Since '06, the band has changed line-ups a few times; the now-solidified duo of Ryan Little and Brendan Polmer toys with samples, loops, and synths alongside guitar-driven punk, offering up laptop-assisted ambiance and Matador-style rock 'n' roll. 

Living in the tension of Washington, DC, their songs reflect personal and political dissonance. There's a distinct journey in the band's latest record, "Quadrants," released on Bad Friend Records in late 2013. Internal doubt and external absurdity motivates the sly, sardonic single "Gratitude," which offers thanks for a number of situations that shouldn't require it. Sexuality and violence come to the fore in "Savage Love," a brutal, visceral response to a rash of queer suicides in America featuring equally ferocious guitar riffs. Overwhelming social anxiety filters through danceable beats and screaming guitars on "The Body Unmade," while the conflicted regional identity of their hometown fuels the Latin-flavored groove of "Twin City." It's an album that never sits still, but the songs are all the better for it.

"Both powerful and slightly unnerving." -My Old Kentucky Blog

"A compelling blend of sampled elements and gently developed, intricately constructed guitar harmonies that occasionally evolve into unobtrusive yet perplexing walls of sound." -No Fear Of Pop
"On their new single “Gratitude,” Tereu Tereu spend some time in the darker corners of Spoon alongside wailing Pixies guitars. With some post-punk popping off behind them, the boys’ vocals trudge sardonically through the noise." -Consequence of Sound


Gratitude (From Quadrants)


Cut The Line (From Quadrants

Ryan Little 
Brendan Polmer

Publicity --- Adam Bray 
Booking --- Ryan Little 
Legal --- Steve Rogovin 

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photos by Shervin Lainez