24 Sep 2013
Bad Friend Records
  1. Savage Love
  2. When The Darkness Comes
  3. The Body Unmade
  4. Cut The Line
  5. Blue Blood
  6. Crackle and Hiss
  7. Teeth Like Mountaintops
  8. Gratitude
  9. Lost In Tape (Interlude)
  10. Twin City
  11. Spanish Lynx
Tereu Tereu is Brendan Polmer and Ryan Little.

Additional Instrumentation by Thomas Orgren.
Engineering by Thomas Orgren, Kevin Erickson, and Ryan Little.
Mixing by Thomas Orgren, Ryan Little, and Brendan Polmer.
Mastering by TW Walsh.

Quadrants was recorded at The Bastille, Persona Non Grata, Swim-Two-Birds, and Sir Douglas Studios, 2010-2013.

Cover Art by Tereu Tereu with assistance from Shervin Lainez.

Special Thanks to Dischord, Jen Brown at Believe Digital, Fredericksburg All Ages, Hugh McElroy, Steve Rogovin, Jenn Misko, and all our friends at the potluck.